Chikyak Khenpo Lobsang Geleg

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spyi khyab mkhan po
Tibetan script rendering of Chikyak Khenpo Lobsang Geleg

Lobsang Geleg

blo bzang dge legs
Tibetan script rendering of Lobsang Geleg


Born 1874


Chikyab Khenpo. Personal name Lobsang Geleg. Born about 1874. The title of an official who is the Senior Ecclesiastical Official in Tibet and may be described as the Inspector General of Monasteries. Is in Eastern Tibet in connection with the Sino-Tibetan trouble [1933]. Holds the title of Khen-chhung [1933]. A pleasant old gentlemen. Very influental since he and the Dronyer Chhempo are the medium of Communication between the Dalai Lama (or the Regent) and the outside world.

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1933 (page 11-12)

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Chikyak Khenpo

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Chikyak Khenpo