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ram pa sras (skyid stod sras)

Namgyal Rinchhen

rnam rgyal rin chen


Born 1905 Served in Government 1923


Rampa Se (Kyito Se). Personal name Namgyal Rinchhen. Born 1906. Lay official of the 5th rank. Has held the posts of Tsa-nyer (Grass Steward at Lhasa), Dzong-pšn of Chomo Dzong in Kongbo, Kan-dršn (Secretary to the Kashag), and Ka-trung (Assistant Secretary to the Kashag). He accompanied Tendong Shap-pe to Kham when the former was sent there as Commissioner, and stayed three years. Returned to Lhasa in 1934 and was appointed Shš-pa (Magistrate of Shš village, below the Potala). In 1936-37, he was Guide to the Political Officer in Sikkim on his mission to Lhasa. An intelligent and promising official. Married Ringang's sister. Has two children, a boy and a girl. Was promoted to a 4th rank official La-chag (Treasurer at the Cathedral) in May, 1943 - vide Chogte-pa resigned. Promoted to the rank of Theiji in July, 1952. Left Lhasa for Peking in September, 1952, as the Lay-officer-in-charge of the Tibetan Liaison Office in China.

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Rampa Se