Lhawang Tobgyal Surkhang

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zur khang

Lhawang Tobgye

lha dbang stobs rgyas



Born 1915 Served in Government 1931 Died 1970


Surkhang II. Personal name Lhawang Tobgye. Born 1915. Son of Surkhang Surpa. Was one of the pupils at Mr. Ludlow's School at Gyantse. Entered Government service in 1931. Made an Assistant in the Trapchi hydro-electric factory near Lhasa in 1934. In 1936 he was sent to Calcutta to purchase machinery for the factory. Made a De-pšn in April, 1942. Knows a little English. Was posted to Nagchu-kha and left with his regiment (Trap-chi Regiment) for Nagchu-kha in May, 1943. Appointed as the English Interpreter to the Tibetan Trade Mission to India, China, the United Kingdom and the United States of America in October, 1947. Appointed as Tibetan Representative at Kalimpong in November, 1949. Relinquished the post of Tibetan Trade Agent in Gyantse and proceeded to Peking, China, as a leader of the Youth League Delegation in March, 1953.

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