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mdo bde ba

Ngawang Tobye

ngag dbang stobs rgyas



Born 1910 Served in Government 1926


Dode-wa. Personal name Ngawang Tobye. Born 1910. Entered Government service in 1926. Was an Assistant to the Commissioner in Kham with the temporary of De-tshap (Officiating Dzong-pšn) until 1941, when he was made a Mi-pšn (City Magistrate in Lhasa). Has been Guide to the British Mission Lhasa, since 1941. Was relieved of his additional duty as Mission Guide in May, 1943. Has been appointed as Wool Tax Collector at Phari in November, 1945. He left Lhasa on the 20th December to join his new appointment. Appointed as Assistant to Lhalu Shape in November,1950. Appointed in March 1952 - special Officer in Kongpo District for Relief a Rehabilitation of Earthquake Victims.

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This entry is from "Who Was Who in Tibet?" Copyright Frank Drauschke, Facts & Files, Berlin

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Guests on the roof of the Changngopa house