Guests on the roof of the Changngopa house

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2001. (Print)

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Hugh E. Richardson


Hugh Richardson

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Lhasa > Changngopa House

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60 x 55 mm

Group of guests on the roof of the Changngopa house in central Lhasa. They include one of the tallest men in Lhasa at that time, Dodewa (on the right). He is the only person facing the camera. The rest of the people have their backs to it. The structure on the right covers the staircase leading up to the roof.

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Print silver

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Donated August 2001

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The executors of the estate of Hugh E. Richardson


Hugh E. Richardson

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Notes on print - 'l. Dayal. right. Dode wa' (in black ink), Dode wa (in pencil) is written on the reverse of print in Richardson's hand and 'Velox' in an oval is stamped in black. [KC 5/7/2006]

Manual Catalogues -

Manual Catalogues - Notes on negative index - Folio 69. 'Dayal Nefor [?sic] Changngopa'

Other Information - "The roof of the Changngopa family house in Lhasa. The tall man is Dorde.' [TT in conversation with KC] [KC 9/6/2006]

Other Information - Background: The Changngopa house was in central Lhasa north of the Jokhang temple. It was built during the life time of Changngopa Rinzin Dorje (also known as Ringang 1904-1945). [KC 5/7/2006]

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