Taring Raja

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phreng ring

Tsotra Namgyal

gtso grag rnam rgyal


Born 1887


Taring Raja. Personal name Tsotra Namgyal. Born 1887. Elder brother of the Maharaja of Sikkim and lives at Taring near Gyantse. Is a Tibetan official of the 4th rank but his son Jigme (see Taring Se) is performing his duties for him at Lhasa. His second son Chhime married a daughter of Dele Rabden. He has a third son, Namgyal, born in 1929. There are four daughters of whom the first three are married to Ragashar, Kyipup II and Numa respectively and the fourth is a nun. The title of Raja was conferred on him in 1922 by the Government of India. Died.

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