Miru Gyalwa

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me ru rgyal ba

Chime Tsiwang

'chi med tshe dbang

Meru Gyalwa, Mi-ru Gyal-wa, Mi-ru Gyal-po


Born 1862


Miru Gyalwa. Personal name Chime Tsiwang. Born about 1862. Belongs to Chokte family and took the name of Miru Gyalwa on marrying Mi-ru Gyal-po's daughter and took the name of Miru-Gyalpo after his death. A close personal friend of the Tsarong Dzasa (Shape prior to 1925). Took part in the fighting at Lhasa, where he was wounded in May, 1912. Was formerly a General in the Tibetan Army and has twice acted as Tibetan Trade Agent at Yatung, from which post he retired in the summer of 1932. Is very friendly towards the British. Is now living in the Shang Province in Western Tibet (1933). Was created a Dzasa in 1929.

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