Dorje Tseten Changngopa

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byang ngos pa
Tibetan script rendering of Dorje Tseten Changngopa

Dorji Chhang-ngo-pa

rdo rje byang ngos pa
Tibetan script rendering of Dorji Chhang-ngo-pa


Born 1927 Served in Government 1943


Chhang-ngo-pa II. Personal name Dorji Chhang-ngo-pa. Born in 1927? Eldest son of Chhang-ngo-pa I. Made a state official on 22nd December, 1943, and appointed Sim-gag-pa (Door-keeper) to Kalon Lama, Tempa Jamyang. Appointed Sim-gag-pa to Bhšndong Shape. Appointed as one of the Lay Staff of the Tibetan Mission with the rank of La-Tsempa (5th rank). Appointed an Assistant to the Foreign Bureau in January, 1948. Appointed Nyalam Shopa, Dzong-pšn of Nyalam on the Nepal Frontier, in February, 1949.

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Dorje Tseten Changngopa standing on roof of his house