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mtsho sgo
Tibetan script rendering of Tsoko

Sonam Wangdi

bsod nams dbang 'dus
Tibetan script rendering of Sonam Wangdi

Tso-Ko Depon, Tso-ko Chi-pon Che-mo


Born 1891 Served in Government 1908


Tsoko I. Personal name Sonam Wangdi. Born about 1889. Takes his territorial title from an estate near Shirka Dzong, five days west of Shigatse. Was in-charge of the Tibetan tannery in Kalimpong in 1911-12 during which time he was employed to carry despatches from the Dalai Lama at Darjeeling to the Tibetan Government at Lhasa. Afterwards promoted Master of the Horse (Chhik-pšn Chhem-po) and later appointed De-pšn in 1916. One of the Tibetan military commanders in Eastern Tibet. In command of 500 men. Faught with the Chinese in 1917-18 and captured General Peng who died in Towa Dzong in 1926. Was sent after the Tashi Lama when the latter fled from Shigatse in 1923. Failed in his mission and was degraded to the 6th rank. Was the officer who subjugated the Popas in Poyul about 1929. Again promoted De-pšn and sent to Kham. Is very pro-British and has a reputation for bravery. Retired in 1935 but may again enter service.

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