Tri Rinpoche

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dga' ldan khri rin po che

Minyagpa Yishey Wangden

mi nyag pa ye shes dbang ldan

Ti Rimpoche, Tri Rimphoche of Ganden, Ganden Tri Rimphoche


Born 1872


Tri Rim-po-chhe of Ganden. Personal name Minyagpa Yishey Wangden. Born 1872. Is a Khampa by race and was appointed a Tri Rim-po-chhe in 1933. This post, which ranks very high in the hierarchy, is held for five years only by a monk chosen from all Tibet for pre-eminence in learning and piety. It is the highest and most respected rank to which a monk, who is not an incarnation, can rise. Every Tri Rim-po-chhe holds the post for five years and after this period he is relieved and a new Tri Rim-po-chhe is appointed. When there is no Dalai Lama, the Tri Rim-po-chhe is often appointed as Regent of Tibet. In 1903-04, when the late Dalai Lama ran away towards China, at the approach of the British expedition, then the Tri Rim-po-chhe acted on his behalf, and signed and sealed the 1904 Treaty between the British and the Tibetan Governments. The Tri Rim-po-chhe is the spiritual successor of Tsong-ka-pa (the Reformer of the Yellow sect in Tibet) and occupies the ecclesiastical throne of the great Monastery of Ganden, 25 miles North-East of Lhasa.

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