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smon grong
Tibetan script rendering of Mondo

Khenrab Kunzang

mkhyen rab kun bzang
Tibetan script rendering of Khenrab Kunzang

Mondo, Mon-do


Born 1897


Mondong. A monk official. Personal name Khenrab Kunzang. Born about 1897. Is a nephew of Tse-trung Zin-le Nam-gyal, a Dro-nyer (A.D.C.) at Potala. Mondong is the name of the family residence in Lhasa. One of the four boys sent to England for education in 1913. He with the others were presented to Sir Henry McMahon at Delhi, to Sir Michael and Lady O'Dywer, Mr. J. B. Wood and others at Indore and to the Begum of Bhopal at Bhopal. Arrived in England on the 24th April 1913, was admitted with the other three boys in the Army College, Heathend, on the 29th May 1913, and to the Rugby School on the 19th January, 1914. In June, 1913, he, along with the other boys and Lunghshar Dor-je Tse-gyal were granted an audience by their Majesties the King-Emperor and Queen-Empress, and were also presented to Lord Crewe and Sir edward Grey. Received special training as a mining engineer. Returned to Tibet in the summer of 1917 and after prospecting for gold and other minerals in various parts of the country was sent to the Kolar Gold Fields in Mysore for further training in December, 1919. He holds an estate called Lhoka. He is a monk official. Appointed Chief Police Officer in Lhasa in 1923 and given the rank of Khen-chhung. Subsequently he was degraded to the 6th rank official and was sent to Western Tibet as Dzong-pšn of Rudok. Recalled in 1930 owing to the representations of the Rudok people. Was Officer-in-charge of sacred articles of decorations, oblation, etc. in the Norbhu Linka and Potala and is a Magistrate of the Shš village. In 1922 he accompanied Sir Henry Hayden when the services of the latter were borrowed by the Tibetan Government to prospect for mines in Tibet.

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