Lhalu Se

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lha klu sras
Tibetan script rendering of Lhalu Se

Tsewang Dorji

tshe dbang rdo rje
Tibetan script rendering of Tsewang Dorji

Lhalu Se


Born 1910 Served in Government 1927


Lhalu Se. Personal name Tsewang Dorji. Born 1915. Entered Government service in 1927. A 5th rank official.The eldest son of Lungshar (deceased) by his second wife. He was degraded and dismissed from service on the arrest of his father in 1934, but later was adopted into the wealthy Lhalu family which had no male heir, and was reinstated as an official. Made a Kan-dršn (Secretary to the Kashag) in 1937. Married a daughter of Labrang Nyingpa (Thonpa) family in 1940. Promoted to 4th rank and made a Tsi-pšn in 1941. Made a Shape in December, 1946, and appointed as the Commissioner of Kham from June, 1947. Returned to Lhasa in July, 1951, from Kham. He was charged ith maladministration of Kham during tenure of office as Province Commissioner. Dismissed from service May, 1952, altho allowed to retain his rank. Pending further investigation into case.

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Lhalu Se