Kundeling Dzasa Temba Wangchuk

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kun bde gling dza sag
Tibetan script rendering of Kundeling Dzasa Temba Wangchuk

Tsakur Tempa Wangchhuk

tsha gur bstan pa dbang phyug
Tibetan script rendering of Tsakur Tempa Wangchhuk

Kundaling Dzasa


Born 1887


Kundeling Dzasa. A monk official. Personal name Tsakur Tempa Wangchhuk. Born 1887. Comes from Tsakur near Lhasa. Is in-charge of the Kundeling Monastery under Tak-tsa Rim-po-chhe, the incarnation Lama. Kundeling Monastery owns the house in Lhasa in which the British Mission usually stays. Retired in July, 1952.

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Kundeling Dzasa , Temba Wangchuk