Khyungram Theji

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khyung ram tha'i ji (khyung rtse ram pa)

Dorji Gyalpo

rdo rje rgyal po

Khyungram Theji, Kyungram, Kyung-tse Ram-pa


Born 1883 Served in Government 1899


Khyungram Theiji (Khyungtse Rampa). Otherwise known as Khyungtse Rampa. Personal name Dorji Gyalpo. Born about 1885. The family estate is at Penam between Gyantse and Shigatse. His father was still living in 1916, when he visited Gyantse. In 1911 he came to Darjeeling and visited Shigatse with the Tsarong Shape (degraded to Dzasa) in the autumn of that year. In 1912 he commanded the Yutok post at Lhasa during fighting with the Chinese and was wounded. He is known as a reliable Tibetan official promoted to officiating De-pon of Tsang Province in August, 1914. Was also sent to collect taxes from Tš Province (west of Shigatse) for the maintenance of the army and he carried out this work successfully. Was Dzong-pšn of Purang (Taklakot) near Gangtok in Western Tibet and then De-pšn commanding a force in Eastern Tibet where in 1930 he drew up an agreement between the Tibetans and the Chinese. Was guide to Huang-mu-sung in 1934 in which year he was awarded the title of Theiji. Subsequently appointed Sher-pang (Investigating Officer). Appointed Hor-chi in 1937. In June, 1940, he was found guilty of conspiring to overthrow the Government and consequently he was arrested, deprived of his rank, punished, his property confiscated and finally banished to Rudok in Western Tibet. Is well disposed towards the British.

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Khyungram Theji