Golok man and his wife

Golok man and his wife

1998.285.313.1 (Glass negative)

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Key Information


Rabden Lepcha


Sir Charles Bell

Date of Photo

End of March or early April 1921



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Image Dimensions

120 x 163 mm

Golok man and his wife, back view. On the woman's back are large engraved discs of silver; turquoises and corals running down her hair

Further Information

Photographic Process

Negative glass plate gelatin , Negative Half Plate

Date Acquired

Donated 1983

Donated by

St Antony's College, Oxford.

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Sir Charles Bell's Mission to Lhasa 1920-21

Photo also owned by

Royal Central Asiatic Society

Revised Photographer

Rabden Lepcha

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Manual Catalogues -

Manual Catalogues - Bell's List of Illustrations entry: "[No. of chapter] LI. [Subject of Chapter] Tribes to the East [Subject of Illustration] H.284 Golok man and his wife, back view. On the woman's back large engraved discs of silver; turquoises and corals down her hair. [Remarks] L.262 (Y in L)"

Other Information - Cultural Background

Other Information - Cultural Background: Entry from Bell's diary for 4th April 1921 [pp. 76-77]: ‘Rabden, though at last successful, has found great difficulty in getting the Golokpas [?] to allow him to photograph them. “They are men of power (wang-chem-po)” he says; “When I ask them to let me take their photographs, they refuse curtly, saying that there is no such custom with them”. Palhese tells me that the Golokpas are prosperous as a rule, for besides trading in other districts they gain wealth by robbing outsiders in their own. In Lhasa a Golok man will sometimes snatch something off a stall in the market and make a bolt for it. Such are usually captured, but sometimes effect an escape with their booty. The people of Nya-rong are also much given to robbery, ranking perhaps second among Tibetan tribes in this respect, the Golokpas being first’ [MS 1/6/2004]

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