Sir Basil Gould and David Macdonald

Sir Basil Gould and David Macdonald

1998.131.390.1 (Film negative)

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Key Information


Evan Yorke Nepean


Frederick Spencer Chapman

Date of Photo

August 7th 1936

Named Person

Sir Basil Gould, David Macdonald


Khangmar Region > Guru

Accession number


Image Dimensions

61 x 89

Sir Basil J. Gould, left, talking to David Macdonald. A wide open plain, close to Dochen lake, can be seen filling the background of the image

Further Information

Photographic Process

Negative film nitrate

Date Acquired

Donated 1994

Donated by

Faith Spencer Chapman


British Diplomatic Mission to Lhasa 1936-37

Photo also owned by

Frederick Spencer Chapman

Revised Photographer

Evan Yorke Nepean

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2001.35.396.10.1 2001.35.35.1 1998.131.390.1

Other Information

In Negative - 'YN 27' has been scratched into the negative in the bottom left hand corner [MS 22/03/2006]

Other Information - Dates

Other Information - Dates: Macdonald had travelled with Hugh Richardson, Captain Battye and Dr Morgan to Gyantse where they awaited the arrival of Sir Basil Gould and the rest of the Mission party, with whom Richardson and Morgan would travel to Lhasa. David Macdonald departed from Gyantse on August 2nd, at which point Gould was en route from Yatung. This meeting, would have taken place on August 7th 1936 as related images in the Chapman collection indicate that it was taken at Dochen [MS 23/03/2006]

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