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ka shod pa
Tibetan script rendering of Kapshoba

Chhšgyal Nyima Lhundup

chos rgyal nyi ma lhun 'grub
Tibetan script rendering of Chhšgyal Nyima Lhundup

Kap-sho pa, Kap-sho-pa Kusho, ka bzhi pa


Born 1903 Served in Government 1919


Kapshš-pa. Personal name Chhšgyal Nyima Lhundup. Born about 1904. A lay official of the 4th rank. Was Hor Chi (Commissioner of Hor Province) from which post he was relieved by Nye-mo Donkar in autumn, 1932. After this he worked in Trapchi hydro-electric factory near Lhasa. In 1934 after the death of the Dalai Lama he was degraded and imprisoned because he has incurred the displeasure of the National Assembly. The real reason is not sure, but the accusation was that he had behaved oppressively when he was in-charge of Hor Province in Eastern Tibet some years ago. One of the Assembly's specific demands of May 10th was that the complains of the people of Hor against him should be settled. Shortly after, he secured his release (it is said by lavish bribery) and was appointed Tsi-pšn (Chief Accountant). Made an Assistant to the Officer-in-charge of Trapchi hydro-electric factory in 1941 in addition his duties as Tsi-pšn. Appointed Shap-pe on 2nd August, 1945. Released from prison to Lhasa in November, 1950. Appointed Teacher in the Tibetan Language School for Chinese Officers in January, 1952. Reinstalled as an official and rank of Theiji in March,1953.

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