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bshad sgra

Paljor Dorje

dpal 'byor rdo rje


Born 1860 Died 1919


Sha-tra. The present [1907,1908, 1915] head of the Sha-tra family was born about 1860. He originally belonged to the Shang-ga family, but married into the Sha-tra family and took the name. He accompanied the Chinese Amban to Darjeeling in 1890 and remained with him there during the progress of the negotiations regarding the Anglo-Chinese-Tibet Convention, and was shortly afterwards made a Shape. In 1903, he was degraded by the Dalai Lama and banished to his own estate O-rong in Kong-bu (Eastern Tibet). He was, however, recalled to Lhasa in 1907 during the absence of the Dalai Lama by Mr. Chang, then the Chinese Special Commissioner, to attend the National Assembly. In 1908 the Dalai Lama appointed him and Sho-kang and Tekang as Lonchens sending their letters of appointment from Peking. In 1910 he accompanied the Dalai Lama to India, and was with His Holiness when he visited Lord Minto at Calcutta, and on his pilgrimage to sacred places in India. In February, 1912, with his eldest son Pun-tso Top-gyel and Tre-kang Tse-trung Tup-den Sakya he called on the Foreign Secretary at Calcutta. Since 1909 he has enjoyed the complete confidence of the Dalai Lama, and is now [1915] the highest of the Lonchens. Is possessed of great wealth. Was formerly pro-Russian and pro-Chinese by turns, but is now [1915] strongly anti-Chinese and pro-British, is progressive and is of great ability, and of strong character which is however combined with a suave manner. Is now the Tibetan Prime Minister. Was in India in 1913-14 as Tibetan Plenipotentiary in the Tibetan Conference. He was received by Lord Hardinge several times and by high British officials at Simla. Takes great interest in Tibetan politics and tries to reform Tibet. Died.

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13th Dalai Lama, Bell and officials in Calcutta, 1910