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kun bzang rtse

Rinchen Wangyal

rin chen dbang rgyal

Kunsangtse Shape, Ki-me Dza-sa, Kun-sang-tse Dza-sa


Born 1875


Kunsang-tse I. Personal name Rinchen Wangyal. Born about 1875. He is referred to be in correspondence as Ke-med, the name of his estate. Kunsang-tse is the name of the house at Lhasa in which he lives. Was formerly a Tsi-pšn (Financial Secretary) and was granted the title of Dzasa by the Dalai Lama in 1908. He accompanied the late Sechung Shape to Calcutta in 1908 when the latter was deputed to pay the first instalment of the Tibetan indemnity due to the Government of India. In 1910 he followed the Dalai Lama to India and remained at Darjeeling until July, 1911. He met the Dalai Lama at Phari in July, 1912, and was then appointed Special Officer for Political Work. Appointed Shape in 1914. In August, 1919, he was deputed to meet the Political Officer in Sikkim at Gyantse and remained there for some weeks. Married the daughter of the late Kungtang Shape. Is well educated and intelligent, anxious to introduce reforms in Tibet and promote the development of the country, well disposed towards the British Government. He was degraded to the rank of an ordinary Trungkor for disobeying the orders of the Dalai Lama in March, 1921.

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1920 (page 8)

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13th Dalai Lama, Bell and officials in Calcutta, 1910