Gyalse Kusho

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rgyal sras sku shog

Karma Dadul Namgyal

karma dgra 'dul rnam rgyal


Born 1877


Gyalse Kusho. Colloquial form of address for Choda Namgyal (alias Karma Dadul Namgyal, which appears to be his real name). The elder half-brother of the present Maharaja of Sikkim. Born 1877. When the late Lhase Kusho (Trinle Namgyal) fled to Tibet in 1882, he took the Gyalse Kusho with him and settled at Tering, an estate a few miles from Gyantse which was granted to him by the Dalai Lama. The Gyalse Kusho forfeited his claims to the Sikkim Raj as he refused to return from Tibet when he asked to do so by the Government of India. He married a Tibetan lady from Dote, near Saugang, one march from Gyantse by whom he had five children of whom two sons and two daughters are now [1920] living. The eldest son, Jigmed, born about 1910, is now being educated at Kalimpong.

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1920 (page 7)

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