Chikyak Khenpo Champa Tubwang

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spyi khyab mkhan po
Tibetan script rendering of Chikyak Khenpo Champa Tubwang

Champa Tubwang

byams pa thub dbang
Tibetan script rendering of Champa Tubwang

Lamen Kenpo, Lamen Khen-po, Champa Tubwang, Chi-Khyap Khem-po


Born 1863


Chikyab Kenpo. The title of an official who is the Senior Ecclesiastical Official in Tibet and may be described as the Inspector General of Monasteries. Sometimes called the Lamen Khen-po. The personal name of the holder of this title [1929] is Champa Tubwang. Born about 1863. Brother of the late Lšnchen Trekang. Was formerly medical and confidential adviser to the Dalai Lama over whom he is believed to exercise great influence in private. Accompanied the Dalai Lama to Mongolia, China and India and was a friend of the Mongolian Buriat, Dorjieff. In 1911 he deputed Tsawa Trulku Lobsang Jampel, an incarnation of the Sera Monastery, to proceed to Japan with Bumkio Aoki, a Japanese priest who had spent some years in Tibet. He is the patron of another Japanese priest named Tada who is now living in the Sera Monastery and believed to be the only Japanese now in Tibet. Well disposed towards the British and occasionally corresponds with the Political Officer in Sikkim. Was appointed Chikyab Khenpo or high Chamberlain to the Dalai Lama in 1913 and is therefore the head senior monk official in Tibet. Is now [1920] believed to be contemplating retirement. Derives considerable influence from his skill as a doctor.

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