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sne stod
Tibetan script rendering of Neto

Tsewang Namse

tshe dbang rnam sras
Tibetan script rendering of Tsewang Namse

Netu, Ne-tš


Born 1885 Served in Government 1905


Neto. Personal name Tsewang Namse. Born in 1886. Takes his territorial title from a small estate near Gyantse, having married the heiress. Is the younger of two brothers, the elder being the steward of the Changlo estate upon which the British Trade Agency at Gyantse is built. Was formerly Dzong-pšn of Sa-nga-cho Dzong, about 50 miles north of Rima, Assam and was appointed Eastern Dzong-pšn of Gyantse in February, 1917. Served for some time in the Tibetan army in Kham and is a personal friend of the Kalon Lama. In 1920, he accompanied the Political Officer in Sikkim as his guide from Gyantse to Lhasa. Was promoted to the rank of De-pšn (General) in 1922. Since degraded and holds no rank. Is in Lhasa, more or less intented.

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