Derge Se

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sde dge tha'i ji (sde dge sras)

Phuntso Dorji

phun tshogs rdo rje

Der-ge De-pon


Born 1882


Derge The-ji (Derge-Se). Personal name Phuntso Dorji. A lay official of the 3rd rank. Born about 1882. Is the second son of the late Chief of Derge. His father being on bad terms with his eldest son handed over the administration of the state to Derge-Se before he died. Derge was subjugated by the Chinese by Chao-Erh-Feng in 1908 and Derge Se then fled to Lhasa, sought the protection of the Tibetan Government and was appointed a General in the Tibetan Army. He accompanied the Dalai Lama to India in 1910, and also on his visits to Calcutta, and on his pilgrimage to Bodh-Gaya, etc., and returned with him to Lhasa in 1912. Speaks a little English and Hindi and is well disposed towards British officials. Married a daughter of Getron Nangso.

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13th Dalai Lama, Bell and officials in Calcutta, 1910