Gyalo Dhondup

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yab gzhis stag 'tsher sras sku shog
Tibetan script rendering of Gyalo Dhondup

Gyalpo Dhondup

rgyal lo don 'grub
Tibetan script rendering of Gyalpo Dhondup


Born 1928


Yapshi Tak-tser Sekusho. Personal name Gyalpo Dhondup. Born 1928. Is the second elder brother of the Dalai Lama. Visited India in 1946 and then went on to China where he stayed up to July, 1948. He was educated at Chinese institutions under the supervision of the Chinese Government. He left for Kumbum, Sining, in the end of July, 1948, with his brother Tak-tser Rim-po-chhe. Visited India in June, 1944, as India's Government guest. Left for For Mosa in April, 1950. Left to the USA in August, 1951. Returned to India in March, 1952.

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