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gsum mdo ba
Tibetan script rendering of Sumdowa

Gyantsen Yšnten

rgyal mtshan yon tan
Tibetan script rendering of Gyantsen Yšnten


Born 1904


Sumdo-wa I. Personal name Gyantsen Yšnten. Born 1904. A relation of Nechung Oracle. Was specially appointed by the Tibetan Government to be the Wool Tax Collector at Phari from 1932 to 1936. Made an Assistant in the Trapchi hydro-electric factory near Lhasa in 1938. The rank of Letshen-pa (junior official) was given in 1938. The privilege of Gyerpa (i.e., right for his sons to become officials) was given in Febrary, 1941. In recognition of the services of the Nechung Ta Lama (Oracle), Kusho Sumdo-wa was promoted to 4th rank and appointed Chang-chi (Commissioner of Northern Tibet) in August, 1942. Appointed as a Senior Assistant in the Sonam Lekhung (Agricultural Department) in September, 1947. Appointed as at Phari in December, 1950.

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