Tendong Se

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bkras mthong sras

Sonam Tobjor Wangchhuk

bsod nams stobs 'byor dbang phyug



Born 1923 Served in Government 1939


Tendong Se. Son of late Tendong Shap-pe. Personal name Sonam Tobjor Wangchhuk. Born 1923. Entered Government service in 1939. Made a Tsa-nyer (Grass Steward) in Lhasa in 1942. Has been made a Ru-pšn (2nd-in-Command) of the Dalai Lama's Bodyguard. Appointed Dzong-pšn of Nakchhang Dzong, October, 1945. Appointed as Assistant to the Tibetan Representative at Kalimpong in February, 1950.

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