Gonpo Tsering Phunkhang

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yab gzhis phun khang
Tibetan script rendering of Gonpo Tsering Phunkhang

Gompo Tsering

mgon po tshe ring
Tibetan script rendering of Gompo Tsering

Yapshi Phungang II


Born 1918 Served in Government 1938


Yapshi Phunkhang II. Personal name Gompo Tsering. Son of Yapshi Phunkang Kung I. Born 1918. Entered Government service in 1938. Made a junior clerk in the Kashag in 1938. Appointed Western Dzong-pšn of Gyantse in 1939. Married the eldest daughter of His Holiness the Maharaja of Sikkim in 1941. Arrested and detained in the Potala jail for about a fortnight on suspicion of being involved in a conspiracy case in April and May, 1947, but was subsequently released and reinstated to his rank, but lost his post as Gyantse Dzong-pšn. Relieved of his post at Kalimpong in August, 1952. Died.

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