Tendong Dzongpon

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bkras mthong zur pa bkras zur
Tibetan script rendering of Tendong Dzongpon

Palden Gyaltsen

dpal ldan rgyal mtshan
Tibetan script rendering of Palden Gyaltsen

Tethong Surpa, Tendong Nga II


Born 1908 Died ca. 1967


Tendong Surpa or Te-sur. Personal name Palden Gyaltsen. Born 1908. Younger brother of the late Tendong Shap-pe and separated from the Tendong family. Was one of Mr. Ludlow's pupils at Gyantse and speaks a little English, also some Hindustani. Was in-charge of the Tibetan Government estate Cha-yul and subsequently an Assistant in the Trapchi hydro-electric factory near Lhasa. Appointed Eastern Dzong-pšn of Gyantse in 1935, and of Tra-chhen Dzong in Kham in 1942. Was appointed Assistant Telegraph Master at Lhasa in April, 1943.

Page references from Who's Who in Tibet

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This entry is from "Who Was Who in Tibet?" Copyright Frank Drauschke, Facts & Files, Berlin

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