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shan kha pa (bshad zur)

Gyurme Tobgye

'gyur med stobs rgyas

Shatra Surpa, Shen-kha-wa


Born 1896 Served in Government 1921 Died 1967


Shenkha-wa (Shasur). Personal name Gyurme Tobgye. Born 1897. Entered Government service in 1921. Formerly the Penam Dzong-pšn and a De-pšn. Promoted to the rank of Theiji in 1938 but held no appointment until May, 1939, when he was appointed a Gar-pšn of Western Tibet. However, he has never actually been in Gartok, and has merely sent a substitute there. He was deprived of the post of Officer-on-charge of the Dalai Lama's property in April, 1947, for neglect of duty. Promoted to De-pšn in October, 1948, in command of 500 men. Appointed as officiating Shape in November, 1950.

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Talung Monastery