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pha lha

Thupten Hšden

thub bstan 'od ldan


Born 1911 Served in Government 1929


Phala I. Personal name Thupten Hšden. Born about 1911. A monk official.The eldest son of Kusho Phuntsok Namgyal who retired in 1932. Is the head of the Phala family which has estates near Gyantse. Was in-charge of the collection of grain for the army until 1939 when he was made a Tsen-dršn (5th rank). Promoted to Khen-chhung (4th rank) and appointed as Chang-chi (Commissioner of Northern Tibet) in August, 1942. Promoted to Dršnyer Chhem-po (Lord Chamberlain) in April, 1947.

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Phalha seated on a chair in a garden