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spom mda' tshang


yar 'phel lags

Pangda Tsang II


Born 1898


Pangda Tshang I. Personal name Yamphe-la. Born about 1898. Is the richest of all Tibetan traders, and works as agent of the Tibetan Government in India. Has a branch at Kalimpong. His firm has agents throughout Tibet, China and India. The family is from Kham. He was a supporter of Kunphe-la and given the rank of Le-tshen-pa (6th rank) and the privilege of Gyerpa in 1937, i.e., the right for his sons to become officials. Promoted to the 4th rank and appointed Tibetan Trade Agent, Yatung, in November, 1940. Speaks Hindustani and Chinese fluently. Appointed in September, 1947, as the Commercial Adviser to the Tibetan Trade Mission to India, China, United Kingdom and the United States of America. Appointed Lay Leader of the Tibetan Trade Mission at Kalimpong in June, 1952.

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