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rnam sras gling pa

Paljor Jigme

dpal 'byor 'jigs med

Namse Ling


Born 1908 Served in Government 1925


Namse Lingpa. A lay official of the 6th rank. Personal name Paljor Jigme. Born about 1908. Entered Government service in 1925. Was a Dzong-pšn in Takpo. Accompanied the Political Officer in Sikkim as the Officer-in-charge of transport from Lhasa to Gyantse when he returned from his mission in 1932. Promoted to De-pšn in 1936 and sent to Kham. Returned to Lhasa in 1940. Appointed Chi-dzong (Dzong-pšn) of Shigatse in 1941. Appointed as Tsi-pšn (Chief Accountant) in December, 1946.

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