Palkhor Chode, Gyantse

Palkhor Chode, Gyantse

BMH.C.4.1 (Film negative)

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Arthur Hopkinson


A. J. Hopkinson

Date of Photo

March 19th 1927


Gyantse > Palkhor Chode

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114 x 85

Part of Palkhor Chode monastery looking at the Kumbum from the north. Good view of architectural detail

Further Information

Photographic Process

Negative film nitrate


A. J. Hopkinson's Tour of Duty as British Trade Agent, Gyantse, 1927-28

Other Information

In Negative - The negative has been cut very crudely along the top and bottom edges [MS 01/07/2006]

Manual Catalogues -

Manual Catalogues - [Caption in A. J. Hopkinson's negative album 'Tibet C']: 'Corner in monastery' [MS 28/04/2006]

Other Information - Description: [Extract from taped interview, Richard Blurton and Mrs Hopkinson] Ditto for C.3 ['Part of Gyantse looking towards the Palkhor chorten'] 'The red denoted the temple' [MS 01/07/2006]

Other Information - Dates

Other Information - Dates: For dating of image, see A. J. Hopkinson Archive, OIOC British Library, Mss Eur D998/54, Journal Letters from Gyantse and Various Camps, 1927-28, commencing March 20th 1927, Gyantse, pages 6-9 [MS 01/07/2006]

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