The car broken down en route to Gyantse

The car broken down en route to Gyantse

BMH.C.12.1 (Film negative)

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Arthur Hopkinson


A. J. Hopkinson

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May 20th - 22nd 1927


Gyantse Region

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85 x 111

Colonel Bailey, the Political Officer at Sikkim, wanted to introduce a motorised postal service to speed up communications between the British Trade Agency stations in Tibet and the offices in Sikkim. A. J. Hopkinson was charged with overseeing the introduction of the system and repeatedly tried to bring the Dodge cars to Gyantse, invariably with much difficulty. On this occasion Hopkinson was returning from Kalimpong and had to bring the cars from their base in Phari to Gyantse.

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Photographic Process

Negative film nitrate


A. J. Hopkinson's Tour of Duty as British Trade Agent, Gyantse, 1927-28

Other Information

In Negative - The negative has been cut very crudely down the left edge [MS 01/07/2006]

Manual Catalogues -

Manual Catalogues - [Caption in A. J. Hopkinson's negative album 'Tibet C']: 'Bringing cars to Gyantse May 1927' [MS 28/04/2006]

Other Information - Description: [Extract from taped interview, Richard Blurton and Mrs Hopkinson] 'Dodge Brothers car - Col Bailey's scheme of running mail car on road up to Gyantse from, I suppose, from Phari; because you couldn't really take it over the passes - it was not regularly - the mind boggles at the idea, but they did manhandle it - they got it over somehow. The problems of supply seemed to put an end to it ... Four Tibetan nomads, the one on the right may be a red hat lama' [MS 01/07/2006]

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