Statue in Phari

Statue in Phari

2001. (Film negative)

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Hugh E. Richardson


Hugh Richardson


Chumbi Valley Region > Phari

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24 x 35 mm

Photograph of a photograph in a book laid on a piece of wood. It shows the head of a figure with chicken wire in front of the chest situated in Phari.

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Donated August 2001

Donated by

The executors of the estate of Hugh E. Richardson

Manual Catalogues -

Manual Catalogues - Notes on negative album '8' - 'Potala. Colour misc.' [on front cover] [KC 9/9/2006]

Manual Catalogues -

Manual Catalogues - Notes on negative index '8' - Folio 89. 'Phari' [KC 9/9/2006]

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