Image of Chenrezi in a chapel in the Yarlung valley

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2001. (Print)

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Hugh E. Richardson


Hugh Richardson

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Yarlung Valley Region > Yumbu lakhar (south of)

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60 x 60 mm

A figure of a multi-armed Chenrezi (spyan ras gzigs) in a small chapel south of Yumbu lakhar (Yum-bu bla-mkhar). The figure is dressed in brocade robes and there is ceremonial scarf attached to the front. Underneath the image there are water offering bowls and a large butter lamp. Beside the figure on the left there is a painted scroll hanging of a protective deity.

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Photographic Process

Print silver

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Donated August 2001

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The executors of the estate of Hugh E. Richardson


Richardson's 1949 tour of the Yarlung and Chyongye valleys

Other Information

Notes on print - 'Spyan ras gzigs near Yar lun Pho bran' (in blue ink) written over 'Chenrezi near Yarlung Dzong' (in pencil) is written on the reverse of print in Richardson's hand and 'Velox' in an oval is stamped in black. [KC 12/6/2006]

Manual Catalogues -

Manual Catalogues - Notes in negative index - Folio 59. 'SPYAN RAS GZIGS (near PHO BRANG)' [KC 22/5/2006]

Manual Catalogues -

Manual Catalogues - Richardson's Handlist, Negative book '9' 'Drikhung, Chongye etc.' [no] 59. The image of Spyan-ras-gzigs (Chenrezi) is in a small, old chapel, on the west side of the Yar-lung valley south of Yam-bu gla-sgang.' [KC 22/5/2006]

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