Soldiers dressed in ancient armour at Trapshi Tsisher

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2001. (Print)

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Hugh E. Richardson


Hugh Richardson

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March 13th 1939


Lhasa > Trapshi

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172 x 120 mm

Three cavalry riders in ceremonial dress carrying rifles, lances and quivers at the Trapshi Tsisher ceremonial parade ground near Lhasa. They are wearing ancient armour. A crowd of spectators line the parade ground.

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Riding , Ritual Activity

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Print silver , Enlargement

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Donated August 2001

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The executors of the estate of Hugh E. Richardson


Hugh E. Richardson

Other Information

Notes on print - 'Old Armour worn at Tsisher' (in pencil) is written on the reverse of print in Richardson's hand and '2' in a circle (in pencil) and 'V.A. in red ink'. [KC 28/7/2006]

Manual Catalogues -

Manual Catalogues - Richardson's hand list: Negative album No.1 'New Year Ceremonies at Lhasa' [nos. 1 -16] ' The Grwa bzhi (or Phyi) bsher [typed and] 'Rtsis bsher' handwritten in Richardson's hand. "This is a review of the rta-dmag , the old feudal cavalry of whom each noble family had to provide a detachment. It takes place on the sandy plain near the army barracks at Grwa-bzhi on the 23rd of the Tibetan 1st month.
No. 5. Another photo of the standard bearers' [who wore ancient helmets and chain mail. These two sets of armour are greatly prized and are known as the
Gzung srog rgyal-so yab-sras "The life rulers of the State, father and son". On the front of the helmets are inscriptions in arabic in gilded writing. Photograph of similar, but less important armour can be seen in the illustration at p.214 in my Tibet and its History .] [KC 8/7/2006]

Research publication - Hugh E. Richardson,
Ceremonies of the Lhasa Year , 1993, London: Serindia Publications, p. 37. [KC 15/7/2006]

Other Information - Background: See Hugh E. Richardson,
Ceremonies of the Lhasa Year , 1993, London: Serindia Publications, pp 31-37 for a description of the preparations and the actual day of the Review at Trapshi. The cavalry wear "chain-mail, much of it mere remnants, steel breast plates, steel helmets with brocade lappets and peacock plumes, heavy cloth trousers decorated with blue devices, and special boots. ..." (p. 34) [KC 15/7/2006]

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