Reginald Fox and Rai Sahib Tonyot Tsering

Reginald Fox and Rai Sahib Tonyot Tsering

1999. (Album Print black & white)

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Key Information


H. Staunton ?


Harry Staunton

Date of Photo

1940 - 1941

Named Person

Reginald Fox, Tonyot Tsering


Gyantse > British Trade Agency

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Image Dimensions

118 x 91 mm

Reginald Fox and Rai Sahib Tonyot Tsering standing at the bottom of a short, steep flight of stone steps holding glasses of beer. Reginald Fox is smoking a cigarette and wearing a silk Tibetan coat (chuba) and Homburg hat. Rai Sahib Tonyot Tsering is wearing Tibetan boots, an overcoat with a fur collar and other western clothes. There is a folded chair on the far right of the image.

Further Information


Eating and Drinking

Photographic Process

Print gelatin silver

Date Acquired

Donated 1999

Donated by

Diana Hughes


H. Staunton

Photo also owned by

Diana Hughes

Other Information

Notes on album mount - "Foxy Tonyot" is written in pencil in capital letters below the photograph on the album page. [KC 30/12/2005]

Other Information - People

Other Information - People: Alex McKay writes about Reginald Fox in Tibet and the British Raj , 1997, Richmond: Curzon Press, p. 203 - 4, "Reginald Fox served as Lhasa mission Radio Officer from March 1947 until 1950 and similarly died soon after retiring. While he and his Tibetan wife were frequently mentioned by travellers, there is also no trace of him in surviving official records." [KC 13/12/2005]

Other Information - People

Other Information - People: Rai Sahib Tonyot Tsering was Sikkimese and served as an assistant medical doctor to British medical doctors serving in Tibet. See also, Rai Sahib Bo Tsering. [KC 30/12/2005]

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