Richardson's diary entries for July 1944

Friday 14th July 1944
Writes to parents from Lhasa [MS Or Richardson 3 folio 252]. Mentions paying return calls, including to his “old friend the Oracle”; also attended lunch party with Dalai Lama’s father to celebrate DL’s birthday; many picnics and had lunch with Doring in his grove [MS Or Richardson 3 folio 252]. Also mentions a “good show” at Nechung which happens every twelve years; mentions new doctor Terry arrived last week [MS Or Richardson 3 folio 253]
Thursday 13th July 1944
Maharajkumari of Sikkim, ‘Coo-Coo’ dropped by -many visitors drop in on way to see ceremony at Norbhu Lingka [MS Or Richardson 3 folio 252]