Richardson's diary entries for June 1939

Saturday 3rd June 1939
Writes to parents from Lhasa describing recent visit to Talung. Had spent a couple of days clearing up from trip so trip took place at the end of May 1939 [MS Or Richardson 3 folio 161]. Day 1 - travelled up Talung Valley to Nangtse. Met Ringang and family at country house; saw chortens near house containing head and dismembered body of Sangye Gyatso, a great minister of 5th DL; Day 2 - reached Dechen; Day 3 - Hakna La and view of Ninjen Thang range, Tengri Nor, arrived at Changpa yak herders of the Chang Thang; Day 4 - Be-tsang, via La Chu; met by junior official from Lhasa and others at Be-tsang; Day 5 - left Be-tsang and went to Talung via Tro-la. Regent to be arriving in some days - saw chortens of Ragashar family who have special connection with Talung; Day 6 - left Talung and crossed Chak-la; halted for lunch at Lhundup Dzong, then Pempo Chu and Lagdong [Langthang?] Dzong; Day 7 - travelled back into Lhasa valley and to Lhasa. On 3rd June visited Regent before his tour to Talung and lunched with Jigme (going with Regent) [MS Or Richardson 3 folio 161-7]
Thursday 15th June 1939
O’Malley arrived one week previously as Medical Officer; saw the Kashag ‘the other day’ and visited Tsarong who is ill [MS Or Richardson 3 folio 168]