Bell's diary entries for October 1921

Saturday 1st October 1921
Meets Shasur who clarifies some points relating to popular songs and gives Bell two books on Ache Lhamo stories [Diary Vol. XIII, pp. 14-15]
[see photos taken]
Wednesday 5th October 1921
Shesur gives Bell an image of Tangdrong [Thangthong] Gyalpo, who is credited with introducing suspension bridges and the Ache Lhamo to Tibet. Tsarong Shappe showed Bell around the gold mint and gives long description. Afterwards rides with Shesur past Drepung and dines in the evening with Tsarong [Diary Vol. XIII, pp. 15-20]
Thursday 6th October 1921
Comments on historical chieftainesses [Diary Vol. XIII, pp. 20-21]
Friday 7th October 1921
Comments on the weather [Diary Vol. XIII, p.21]
Saturday 8th October 1921
Sent telegram to Foreign Department for orders on his departure. Went riding with Shesur and Tashi Babu. Long discussion on frontier issue. Comments on the use of ‘chang girls’ at parties and the fact that they have to be of high status [Diary Vol. XIII, pp. 21-25]
Sunday 9th October 1921
Comments on snowfall [Diary Vol. XIII, p. 25]
Thursday 13th October 1921
Comments on snowfall. Some Tibetan officials called today to bid farewell. Visits the cave chapel on Chakpori with Rabden and Dawa Tashi orderly - Rabden takes photographs of the chapel [Diary Vol. XIII, pp. 25-27]
[see photos taken]
Friday 14th October 1921
Rabden and Bell photographed the Dalai Lama in the morning, sitting on the throne in his throne room [Diary Vol. XIII, pp. 27-29]
[see photos taken]
Saturday 15th October 1921
Paid final visit to the Potala today with the Tsendron - writes comments relating to particular images and the Dalai Lama’s throne in the reception hall [Diary Vol. XIII, pp. 29-32]
Sunday 16th October 1921
Goes for a ride and visits Jokhang on return as it is the 15th day of the Tibetan month [Diary Vol. XIII, pp. 32-33]
Monday 17th October 1921
Bell pays farewell visit to Dalai Lama [Diary Vol. XIII, p.34]
Wednesday 19th October 1921
Bell and most of the mission staff leave Lhasa and travel as far as Nyethang. Describes the events of the previous few days when he was honoured by Tibetan officials and they paid their farewells [Diary Vol. XIII, pp. 35-37]
Thursday 20th October 1921
Bell and Kennedy visit Atisha’s tomb [see Diary for 17th November 1920] near Nyethang [Diary Vol. XIII, pp. 37-42]
Saturday 22nd October 1921
Travelled from Chushul to Kampa Partsi [Diary Vol. XIII, pp. 43-44]
[see photos taken]
Sunday 23rd October 1921
Travelled from Kampa Partsi to Pede over Kampa la [Diary Vol. XIII, pp. 44-48]
[see photos taken]
Tuesday 25th October 1921
Halted at Nankartse and visited the fort. Travelled on to Ralung, crossing the Karo La. Shesur gives more information concerning Dorje Pamo. Take photographs of a Mongolian pilgrim using prostration method to cover his route. He and Rabden take photographs of Kula Kangri. States that went from Nankartse to Ralung [could possibly have omitted to put a new date heading as states they left at 6.30am] [Diary Vol. XIII, pp. 48-53]
[see photos taken]
Wednesday 26th October 1921
Travelled from Nankartse to Ralung? [omitted to change date in diary and this is entered at the end of 25/10/1921] [Diary Vol. XIII, p. 53]
Thursday 27th October 1921
Left Ralung at 7 am and spent night at Taring with Gyalse Kusho, the eldest brother of the Maharaja of Sikkim [Diary Vol. XIII, pp. 54-57]
Friday 28th October 1921
Went the short ride into Gyantse [Diary Vol. XIII, p. 57]
Saturday 29th October 1921
Bade farewell to Tibetan companions at Gyantse [Diary Vol. XIII, pp. 57-58]
Sunday 30th October 1921
Left Gyantse for Saugang [Diary Vol. XIII, p. 58]
Monday 31st October 1921
Travelled from Saugang to Khangmar [Diary Vol. XIII, pp. 58-59]
[see photos taken]