Bell's diary entries for September 1921

Thursday 1st September 1921
Whilst staying at Reting, Kennedy and Bell ride out some seven miles up the main valley of the Reting Tsangpo (Kyi Chu) [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 55-57]
[see photos taken]
Friday 2nd September 1921
At Reting. See the remainder of the Hutuktuís quarters and the private apartments of the Dalai Lama [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 57-61]
Saturday 3rd September 1921
Left Reting, arrive at Phondo. Comments in Diary on the continuing disturbances over last three weeks of monks in Loseling College at Drepung Monastery [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 61-67]
Monday 5th September 1921
Went today from Talung to Lhundrub Dzong. Meet villagers of Ya-tsa [Yatsa] village in procession around their village [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 67-69]
[see photos taken]
Tuesday 6th September 1921
Left Lhundrub Dzong. Pass by Ganden en route. Reach Gya-trong Dong [Gyatrong] [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 70-74]
Wednesday 7th September 1921
Travel from Gya-trong [Gyatrong] Dong to Chang-lo-chen [Changlochen] [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 74-78]
Thursday 8th September 1921
Travelled from Chang-lo-chen [Changlochen] to Drum-to/Bom-to [Phomdo] [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 78-79]
[see photos taken]
Friday 9th September 1921
Halt at Phomdo [Diary Vol. XII, p. 80]
Saturday 10th September 1921
Tavel from Phomdo to Tra-yer-pa [Trayerpa] monastery [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 80-86]
[see photos taken]
Sunday 11th September 1921
Stay at Trayerpa [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 87-88]
[see photos taken]
Monday 12th September 1921
Travelled from Trayerpa to Lhasa. Met by Laden La, the Tsendron and Tashi Babu six or seven miles out of Lhasa. Visit the trokhang and lingka of Punkang Kung just outside Lhasa [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 88-90]
Tuesday 13th September 1921
In Lhasa. Walked along the river bank with Pangtey orderly to wall surrounding the Arsenal grounds [Diary Vol. XII, p. 91]
Thursday 15th September 1921
Bell visited the Dalai Lama and discuss former missions from China and Nepal to Tibet and present problems with Drepung Monastery [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 92-94]
Friday 16th September 1921
Palhese tells Bell that the Tibetan Government is considering him an honor, if he would be prepared to accept. Comments on the main diseases that Kennedy has encountered. Comments on trade with India and the crops this year [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 94-96]
Saturday 17th September 1921
Bell visits Jokhang with the Tsendron and writes extended description [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 96-99]
Tuesday 20th September 1921
Comments on willows and shrubs [Diary Vol. XII, p. 99]
Wednesday 21st September 1921
Relates comments on Bhutanese stereotype passed on by Shesur. Relates story about Lhalu Lhachem as told to Kennedy [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 99-100]
Thursday 22nd September 1921
Visited the Lu Temple [Lukhang] behind Potala with Tsendron and writes extensive description. Comments that only on the 15th day of the 4th Tibetan month is the temple opened to the public - to visit at any other time requires the special permission of the Dalai Lama [Diary Vol. XIII, pp. 1-5]
[see photos taken]
Friday 23rd September 1921
Remarks that troops stationed in Lhasa have recently been feasted by the Tibetan Government to commemorate the subjugation of Drepung Monastery. Troops entered the Jokhang temple - said to be for the first time with arms
Saturday 24th September 1921
Comments on Tibetan ranks and mummification. Had lunch today with Ngapo Shappe and asks him about Tibetan forts [Diary Vol. XIII, pp. 6-8]
Tuesday 27th September 1921
Lunched with Tsarong Shappe - discuss mineral reserves and the army [Diary Vol. XIII, pp. 8-10]
Wednesday 28th September 1921
General comments on Tibetan customs and Tibetan artisans [Diary Vol. XIII, pp. 11-12]
Thursday 29th September 1921
Comments that Palhese told him that Drepung, Sera and Ganden monasteries are not allowed to grow flowers - made in relation to the Missionís distribution of flower seeds as gifts [Diary Vol. XIII, p. 12]
Friday 30th September 1921
Lunched with Parkang Shappe - discussed photographs that the Shappe had of a chorten in Nepal Valley [Diary Vol. XIII, pp. 12-14]