Bell's diary entries for August 1921

Tuesday 2nd August 1921
The former Nepalese Agent, Major Jit Bahadur called to say his farewells before leaving for Nepal [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 68-69]
Wednesday 3rd August 1921
Bell discusses ceremony with Dronyen Khenpo and why it takes place so early. Comments on the authority of the person assisting with his translations of the Sho Doring [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 69-71]
Thursday 4th August 1921
Comments of the Ache Lhamo performance held at the Norbu Lingka [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 72-80]
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Friday 5th August 1921
Day 2 of Ache Lhamo performance at Norbu Lingka [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 81-84]
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Saturday 6th August 1921
Day 3 of Ache Lhamo performance at Norbu Lingka [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 85-87]. Bell does not comment on the final two days of the performance and it does not seem, therefore, that he attended them.
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Monday 8th August 1921
Comments on news via Kennedy in conversation with Shosur that the Kansu Mission, which was in Lhasa from December 1919 to April 1920 had only two meetings with the Dalai Lama. Bell comments on his own relationship with the Dalai Lama in contrast [Diary Vol. XI, p. 88]
Friday 12th August 1921
Comments that he has just given an Ache Lhamo performance, which will last for three days (excluding Sunday 14th August), attended by 70 to 80 guests at the Tsetrung Lingka. Gives extensive description [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 89-95]
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Saturday 13th August 1921
Day 2 of Bellís Ache Lhamo entertainment at the Tsetrung Lingka [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 96-100 contd. Diary Vol. XII, pp. 1-3]
Sunday 14th August 1921
As this is a Sunday, Bellís Ache Lhamo entertainment does not take place on this day
Monday 15th August 1921
Day 3 of Bellís three day Ache Lhamo entertainment at Tsetrung Lingka [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 4-13]
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Tuesday 16th August 1921
A troupe from Riwoche in Shang ask Bell, via Palhese, if they can perform for him. Invited to perform for an hour this morning. Gives more information about Ache Lhamo in general obtained from Shesur. Receives a visit from Neto Depon [formerly Jongpen] who is taking leave before taking up his post [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 14-22]
Thursday 18th August 1921
Bell visits Jokhang with the Tsendron and Palhese because of the holiness of the 15th day of the month; go around the Nangkhor and visit several chapels [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 23-25]
Friday 19th August 1921
Dronyen Khenpo visited to arrange an interview between Bell and the Dalai Lama [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 25-26]
Monday 22nd August 1921
Bell visits Dalai Lama. Comments on the unrest in Drepung Monastery [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 26-28]
Tuesday 23rd August 1921
Comments that signs of Autumn are appearing [Diary Vol. XII, p. 28]
Wednesday 24th August 1921
Kennedy, Bell, Palhese and Norbhu leave for a tour of the north of the country. Cross Pempo La and descend to Dote and Langthang, where they stay at the old monstery [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 29-
Thursday 25th August 1921
Spend time looking round the old chapel and monastery at Langthang. Leave Langthang and head for Lhuntrup Jong [Lhundrub Dzong]. Have to cross many flooded branches of the Pembo Chu [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 31-34]
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Friday 26th August 1921
Travel up valley of the Chha La towards Lhundrub Dzong; meet party of people from Amdo on the way. Arrive at Talung [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 34-36]
Saturday 27th August 1921
Spend the day at Talung [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 36-41]
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Sunday 28th August 1921
Travel to Phondo, 7 miles from Talung. Takes a photograph of a hermitage on a hill whilst en route [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 41-46]
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Monday 29th August 1921
Crosses suspension bridge over La [Lha] Chu and takes a quarter plate photograph of it. Arrives at Reting, 13 miles from Phondo and comments on size of the juniper trees [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 47-49]
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Tuesday 30th August 1921
At Reting [Diary Vol. XII, pp. 49-55]
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