Bell's diary entries for July 1921

Friday 1st July 1921
Relates conversation with Norbhu about famine in Tibet. Visits Kundeling with Kennedy - describes the name tablet of the monastery [Diary Vol. XI, pp.27-28]
Tuesday 5th July 1921
Discusses with Laden La the Chikyak Khenpo of fifty years previously who tried to oust the then Regent; discuss the present situation of Lonchen Shokang, the Prime Minister [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 28-30]
Saturday 9th July 1921
Mentions that his bearer Pasang killed a scorpion in Bell’s bedroom last night [Diary Vol. XI, p.30]
Tuesday 12th July 1921
Comments on two different forms of Tri-mu and on the inscription on the east face of the Sho Doring [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 30-31]
Wednesday 13th July 1921
Visited the Lhasa police court of office of the Mipon with Palhese and takes some photographs as well as writing a full description. Also comments on seeing the small house above the Pargo Kaling gateway with boxes of flowers outside [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 32-40]
[see photos taken]
Friday 15th July 1921
Comments on the way even small administrative matters have to be referred to the Dalai Lama - in this case whether Ringang should travel first class or second class to the UK [Diary Vol. XI, p. 40]
Saturday 16th July 1921
Examined the doring at the Jokhang with the Tsendron, Tashi Babu, and R. S. Norbhu, to test differences between Waddell’s translation and their own. Met at the doring by the Kashag’s Kendron, son in law of the late Shappe Kunsangtse. Palha Kenchen came to tea [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 40-44]
[see photos taken]
Monday 18th July 1921
Ku Neto [Neto Kusho] called today, having just been made an U Depon - invited Bell to lunchto honour the event [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 44-45]
Tuesday 19th July 1921
Major Jit Bahadur, former Nepalese Agent, called today [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 45-46]
Wednesday 20th July 1921
Kennedy, Laden La, Palhese and Bell lunched with Neto Kusho to celebrate his elevation to Depon. Writes down words of song heard sung by labourers; comments on Tibetan smoking habits [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 46-48]
Thursday 21st July 1921
Kennedy, Laden La and Bell visit a military detachment in training in Lhasa [Diary Vol. XI, p. 48]
Friday 22nd July 1921
Discusses the state of the garden at Dekyi Lingka and the breadth of the Kyi Chu river at this time of year. Comments in returning from his evening ride with Palhese along the main road from the Norbhu Lingka, which was full of Tsetrungs and their servants returning from the ‘Presence Tea’ [Trung Cha] and labourers returning from their day’s work, singing; comments on unpopularity of Tsarong Shappe [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 49-51]
Saturday 23rd July 1921
Bell called on Tsarong Shappe - description of his idiosyncratic form of dress; discusses how Tibetans clean their teeth with Palhese on return journey [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 51-53]
Monday 25th July 1921
Bell visited Dalai Lama and they informally discussed the future of Tibet and the situation in Golok territory; comments on physical description of the Dalai Lama [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 53-56]
Tuesday 26th July 1921
Visited the Sho courtroom [Sho Le-kang] and took photographs. Afterwards visited Shide Monastery [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 58-60]
[see photos taken]
Friday 29th July 1921
Describes songs concerning popular events and in courting. Comments on Ache Lhamo troupes who will shortly perform in front of the Dalai Lama during 1st to 5th of 7th month and customs relating to their appearance in Lhasa [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 61-65]
Saturday 30th July 1921
Comments on willow trees. Visit the summer enclosure of the Norbhu Lingka and see bar-headed geese and flowers, Lu Temple and Dalai Lama’s pavilion [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 65-67]
Sunday 31st July 1921
Bell comments that he has proposed giving a two day Ache Lhamo for the Prime Minister and other officials he has met in Lhasa [Diary Vol. XI, p. 68]