Bell's diary entries for June 1921

Wednesday 1st June 1921
Trimon Shappe came to lunch, discuss situation with China and Tibetan history more generally [Diary Vol. X, p. 91]
[see photos taken]
Thursday 2nd June 1921
Discusses the legend of Uncle Tompa with Palhese [Diary Vol. X, p.92]
Friday 3rd June 1921
Cross-refers to previous diary entries [05/05/1921] concerning the meaning of the term ‘lama’ [Diary Vol. X, p. 92]
Saturday 4th June 1921
Buriat Lama came to tea with Bell - conversation summarised [Diary Vol. X, pp. 93-94]
Monday 6th June 1921
Comments on difficulty of ‘reasoning’ with some Tibetans over development of the army [Diary Vol. X, pp. 94-95]
Tuesday 7th June 1921
Kusho Surkang came to tea with two of his boys, aged 11 and 7 - discuss historical relations between Tibet, China and India and custom of people of Amdo, until recently, of putting a copy of the Jokhang inscription from the doring there in their fields to prevent flooding; also discuss the introduction of Buddhism into Tibet [Diary Vol. X, pp. 95-97]
Wednesday 8th June 1921
The new shappe Ngarpo came to lunch - discuss pilgrims from southern Amdo in Lhasa; discusses historical relations with China and Nepal and proposed increase in the size of the army; also summarises discussion with Neto Jongpen about the various responsibilities of the Tsetrung officials [Diary Vol. X, pp. 97-100]
Thursday 9th June 1921
Comments on poplar trees in Lhasa and their uses; continues outline of ceremony of offering ‘Trung Cha’ or ‘Presence Tea’ to the order of Tsetrung; relates conversation with Palhese on the Tsondu [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 1-3]
Saturday 11th June 1921
Comments in diary on temperature and weather conditions [Diary Vol. XI, p. 3]
Monday 13th June 1921
Nepalese Represetative called on Bell - discuss Newars in Lhasa; Bell visits Norbu Lingka with Namjhung Jamadar and Athal - both orderlies - specifically to give advice about the cultivation of English flowers [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 4-5]
Tuesday 14th June 1921
Visits the Jokhang with Neto Jongpen at 5.30 pm. Describes the repainting of frescoes around the Nangkhor; comments on problem of lack of rain; discusses Tibetan history with Palhese. Parkang Shappe came to lunch and discusses a number of issues, including the army, with Bell [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 5-10]
[see photos taken]
Thursday 16th June 1921
Discusses the Dalai Lama’s daily routine with Palhese [Diary Vol. XI, p. 10]
Friday 17th June 1921
Khan Sahib Faizalla, head of Ladakhi community, visited Bell for tea [Diary Vol. XI, p. 11]
Monday 20th June 1921
Rides out to the lingka of the Karmashar Oracle in the morning with the Tsendron and Palhese - Rabden stayed on for the possession of a lesser medium later in the day. Went to the river bank where people are offering incense; rode through three or four lingka and takes photographs. Gives further comments relating to the frescoes at the Jokhang [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 11-14]
[see photos taken]
Tuesday 21st June 1921
Tsarong Shappe invited Kennedy to his house in the evening to watch merry-makers returning from the lingkas at the end of the festival days. Bell congratulates Neto Jongpen on his getting the post of Depon. Bell comments that his bearer Pasang cannot find a tailor to repair one of Bell’s coats because of the festivities [Diary Vol. XI, p.15]
Wednesday 22nd June 1921
Palhese and Bell ride together in the afternoon - discuss songs sung when carrying heavy weights, minerals and musk [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 16-18]
Saturday 25th June 1921
Kennedy, Laden La and Bell lunch with Lonchen Shokang - did not leave till 7 pm. Kennedy treated the Lonchen today for a problem with his feet. Ku Surkang lent Bell an abridged history of Tibet [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 19-21]
Monday 27th June 1921
Comments that the Tsendron has not taken a holiday for twenty five years [Diary Vol. XI, p. 21]
Thursday 30th June 1921
Comments on temperature. Summarises the discussions had with Chikyak Khenpo on the previous day at lunch - Tibetan history and customs [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 22-25]
Wednesday 29th June 1921
Chikyak Khenpo lunched with Bell and Mission [Diary Vol. XI, pp. 22-23]