Bell's diary entries for May 1921

Monday 2nd May 1921
Kennedy reminds Bell of a Tibetan pilgrim that they met in Bhutan in 1910 [Diary Vol. X, pp. 45-46]
Tuesday 3rd May 1921
Riding with Palhese, discuss Apso dogs; Palhese tells Bell that Trimon shape is making fresh copies of the Lhasa [Sho] Doring for Bell; Lama Ugyen (Ramlek Lama of Sikkim) visits for tea with Laden La and discuss politics and Buddhism and inscriptions [Diary Vol. X, pp. 46-48]
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Wednesday 4th May 1921
Obtains information from Neto Jongpen on the refreshments given over the last three days by the Dalai Lama (not in person) to officials who rode in the Chipgyur Chenmo; describes the Tibetan spade seen now that cultivation has started. From same source learns of the origins of the ban on mining [Diary Vol. X, pp. 49-50]
Thursday 5th May 1921
Discusses the Dalai Lama’s libraries with Palhese. Takes photographs of a gambling party while riding through a lingka and then ride through the ‘Near Young Park’ (Nyeshon Lingka); discuss to whom the term ‘lama’ is applied and the habit of gambling [Diary Vol. X, pp. 50-51]
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Thursday 12th May 1921
[NB: a gap of 7 days in the Diary precedes this entry]. Went today round the Nangkhor or Inner Circle with Neto Jongpen; comments that he has now been round all three pilgrimage circles in Lhasa although he rode around the Lingkhor. Afterwards rode around the Sera plain; discuss polyandry and the Khampa stereotype [Diary Vol. X, pp. 52-53]
Monday 16th May 1921
Discusses representative of Po country who is in Lhasa to ask Tsarong Shape to give his sister as wife to ruler of Po; continue discussions concerning polyandry and national stereotypes [Diary Vol. X, pp. 54-56]
Tuesday 17th May 1921
Visited the Dalai Lama today at his request; first time since His Holiness’ illness. Marks six months to the day when Bell arrived in Lhasa. Discuss recent ceremonies and Bell’s hopes to visit Samye. Dalai Lama tells Bell that if he goes he should go for the 14th, 15th & 16th of the 5th Tibetan month to see ceremonies there. Called on the Chikyak Khenpo afterwards and discuss the Chotrengpa brigands. Comments that Rabden has recently taken a photograph of a Truptor [Truptop] lama [Diary Vol. X, pp. 56-59]
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Wednesday 18th May 1921
At Dalai Lama’s request visited inner enclosure of Norbu Lingka to see gardens and seedlings that Bell had brought as a gift from the Government of India [Diary Vol. X, pp. 59-60]
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Thursday 19th May 1921
Mondrong visited and discuss mining; Kyipup called afterwards in connection with the proposed telegraph line from Gyantse to Lhasa. Comments that Kyipup has been in Gyantse a long time without any government work and describes his activity of reading to pass the time; comments that Tibetans value the postal service highly [Diary Vol. X, pp. 61-64]
Friday 20th May 1921
Discussed the Dalai Lama with the Tsendron and the honours that His Holiness as extended to Bell during his visit. Went to Kungtang, 5 miles from Lhasa, to see the ceremonies taking place there tomorrow [Diary Vol. X, pp. 64-65]
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Saturday 21st May 1921
Go to Uling monatery [Kungtang], close to the Trokhang where they are staying, to see the religious dances or cham; relates information received from Tsendron about these dances. Describes the dances in some detail and comments that at one point it is halted (during the ‘cemetery dance’) to enable Rabden to take a photograph and other comments on photography at the event [Diary Vol. X, pp. 66-72]
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Sunday 22nd May 1921
Summarises a series of conversations with various people relating to various Tibetan subjects (cigarettes, the Nepalese Agent in Lhasa etc., rope ‘dancing’, services for rain) and comments on British Foreign Office response to his call for a permanent British representative in Lhasa [Diary Vol. X, pp. 72-74]
Tuesday 24th May 1921
Discusses stories from Palhese concerning an eccentric Bhutanese priest; Tsarong had sent Bell some leopard skins [Diary Vol. X, pp. 75-78]
Wednesday 25th May 1921
Writes in Diary of conversations with Palhese about amusements in Tibet - horse racing, archery, putting the weight, long jump, picknicking [Diary Vol. X, pp. 79-82]
Friday 27th May 1921
Tsarong lunched with the Mission and Bell summarises the details of their subsequent conversation in his diary, mainly related to relations with China, Tibets need for armaments etc. [Diary Vol. X, pp. 83-85]
Saturday 28th May 1921
Continues description of amusements commenced in Diary entry for 25/05/1921 - skipping, je-pe, indoor games, sho, picnic parties [Diary Vol. X, pp. 85-88]
Sunday 29th May 1921
Continues previous day’s entry concerning amusements in Tibet and prayers for rain [Diary Vol. X, pp. 88-90