Bell's diary entries for March 1921

Tuesday 1st March 1921
Attended ceremony of Lugu and describes Yaso and ornamental tents. Doring Techi the elder Yaso and Bell describes the speech he made and the ‘Maids of Honour’ who serve them [Diary Vol IX, pp.1-4]
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Wednesday 2nd March 1921
Attends Account at Trapchi. Describes events and the scene on the plain [Diary Vol. IX, pp. 5-7]
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Thursday 3rd March 1921
Discusses with Palhese the power of the Shengo and changes made by the 13th Dalai Lama to that authority. Goes to Jokhang to attend Torgya festival. Placed in upper room overlooking the square, below that of the Dalai Lama; Ladakhi Lopchak Mission and Bell’s servants accommodated on roof of neighbouring house. Describes the Zimchongpa and monks, cavalry and Yaso [Diary Vol. IX, pp. 8-14]
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Friday 4th March 1921
Went to square near Jokhang and saw procession of the ‘King of Love’, which started before 6 am - accommodated in upper room to the right of the Dalai Lama. Saw part of pony race that began at Drepung and finished at a lingka outside Lhasa. Weightlifting and wrestling competitions [Diary Vol. IX, pp. 15-20]
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Saturday 5th March 1921
Comments on rumours in Indian press about the reasons for his visit to Lhasa. Attended ‘Gallop behind the Fort’ [Diary Vol. IX, pp. 20-28]
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Sunday 6th March 1921
Because it was Sunday, neither Bell nor Kennedy attended the archery competition [Diary Vol. IX, p. 29]
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Monday 7th March 1921
At Dalai Lama’s request had some photographs taken of the Chipgyu Chenmo by Rabden - but early morning light meant that the light was too weak to produce good results - saw it from close quarters at the Dekyi Lingka [Diary Vol. IX, pp. 29-31]
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Friday 18th March 1921
In an addendum to the diary entry for 07/03/1921, Bell comments that Kennedy met with the Dalai Lama on this day and discussed the origins of the New Year ceremonies and whether anything similar was held in Britain [Diary Vol. IX, p.31]
Tuesday 8th March 1921
Writes in diary of the number of priests in Lhasa and of riding frequently through the market places, unlike Tibetan and Chinese gentlemen. Discusses the situations in which the Chinese Amban and his party would sit at New Year ceremonies [Diary Vol. IX, pp. 31-32]
Thursday 10th March 1921
Comments on snow fall last night - first fall of snow since last November [Diary Vol. IX, pp. 32-33]
Friday 11th March 1921
Comments on rumour that Szechuan province has defeated Yunnan [Diary Vol. IX, pp. 33-34]
Monday 14th March 1921
Visited Lhalu mansion and gives detailed description. At present only occupied by servants [Diary Vol. IX, pp. 34-38]
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Tuesday 15th March 1921
Had lunch with Chikyak Khenpo and details the conversation that they had - habits of the Dalai Lama, Hindu-Buddhist equivalencies, Oracles. Laden La arrived from Darjeeling on this day to act as Bell’s personal assistant [Diary Vol. IX, pp. 38-42]
Wednesday 16th March 1921
Visited Temple of Medicine at Chakpori; visited Kesar Lhakhang again; Tada, the Japanese man studying at Sera came to lunch [Diary Vol. IX, pp. 42-44]
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Thursday 17th March 1921
Visited the Dalai Lama [at Norbu Lingka?] - thanked him for granting Palhese a lease of Serchok land for another three years, and asked if he could dedicate his book to him. Discussed Nepal-Tibet Treaty of 1856 [Diary Vol. IX, pp. 45-46]
Saturday 19th March 1921
R. S. Norbhu brought Zonlu Dorjieff, treasurer of the largest monastery in Buriat country, to see him [Diary Vol. IX, pp. 47-48]
Sunday 20th March 1921
Describes recent friction between monks and soldiers in Lhasa. Anger of monks especially directed against Tsarong [Diary Vol. IX, pp. 50-52]
Monday 21st March 1921
Visited Bangyeshar House and briefly describes it [Diary Vol. IX, pp. 52]
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Thursday 24th March 1921
Went riding with the Tsendron. Informed by Tsendron that he [Tsendron] will have to visit Drepung in the next few days to supervise the new caretaker of the Dalai Lama’s apartments- describes services at Monlem and at Tsoncho; discuss why smoking is banned [Diary Vol. IX, pp. 54-58]
Friday 25th March 1921
Discusses the position of women in Tibet with Palhese and the Prime Minister’s concerns for Bell’s health during the winter, trade with Tsang and social position of blacksmiths and butchers [Diary Vol. IX, pp. 58-60]
Saturday 26th March 1921
Went riding with Neto Jongpen; states that ploughing has been taking place for two or three weeks and Neto Jongpen describes the ordinary rotation of crops; Laden La informs him that the Prime Minister has nicknamed Bell ‘Rakashar’, after a Shappe who spoke little but always wisely [Diary Vol. IX, pp. 60-62]
Sunday 27th March 1921
Comments on the wildlife that he and Kennedy had seen around Lhasa. Also details how Kennedy describes the characteristics of Tibet and Tibetans [Diary Vol. IX, pp. 63-64]
Tuesday 29th March 1921
Describes recent examples of the power of the Dalai Lama in Tibet relating to concerns about the increase in the military; describes recent concerns about the soldiers and trouble with the monasteries; discusses dismissal of Kimsangtse Shappe and three Depons, Tsogo, Shasur and Salung and other dismissals [Diary Vol. IX, pp. 64-69]