The Team

Project directors: Clare Harris, Elizabeth Edwards, Richard Blurton

Project Manager/Researcher: Mandy Sadan

Researchers: Krystyna Cech, Tsering Shakya

Photographic Technicians: Gabriel Hanganu, Toby Wilkinson

Website designer: David Harris


Many other people contributed to the Tibet Visual History 1920-1950 project and we would like to thank:

Charles Ramble, Tsering Gonkatsang, Roger Croston, Diana Hughes, Judy Goldthorp and family, Dick and Erica Gould, Philip Neame, Paddy Booz, Eleanor Cooper, Jill Sudbury, Catriona Bass, Gonkar Gyatso, Deborah Klimburg-Salter, Heather Stoddard, Tashi Tsering, Andre Alexander, Oliver Douglas, Tseyang Changngopa, T.C. Tethong, Tim Myatt, Fuyubi Nakamura, Don Lopez, Kabir Heimsath, Anna Balicki Denzongpa, Frank Drauschke, Mark Turin, Alan MacFarlane, Chris Pinney, Kaushik Bhaumik, Jocelyne Dudding, Robbie Barnett, Anthony Aris, Pasang Wangdu, Rhianedd Smith, Marina de Alarcon, Rupert Gill, Claire Freeman, Philip Grover, Kevin Lovelock, John Williams, Graham Head, Cathy Wright, Haas Ezzet, Chris Morton, Jeremy Coote, Suzy Prior, Malcolm Osman.

Useful feedback was also provided by visiting researchers at the Pitt Rivers Museum, participants at the International Association of Tibetan Studies conferences in 2003 and 2006 and members of the audience at seminar presentations in Oxford and other locations

Our project was supported throughout by:

Michael OHanlon (director) and the staff of the Pitt Rivers Museum

Neil MacGregor (director) and the staff of the British Museum.

This project and "The Tibet Album" website would not have been possible without the financial support of the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Research and Development Fund of the University of Oxford. Indirect support was received from Renaissance in the Regions, Magdalen College and the School of Anthropology at the University of Oxford.