Tethong Sonam Tobgye Wangchuk dressed as Yaso

Tethong Sonam Tobgye Wangchuk dressed as Yaso

BMR.6.8.41 (Transparency colour)

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Hugh E. Richardson


Hugh Richardson

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Tethong Se


Lhasa > Tethong House

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60 x 90 mm

Tethong Sonam Tobgye Wangchuk dressed in the ceremonial dress of a Yaso and seated on a chair on the roof of his house in Lhasa.

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Transparency Colour


Hugh E. Richardson

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Other Information

Technical Information - The camera used to take this collection of colour slides (Dufay colour) were a Zeiss Super Ikonta and a Reflex Korelle. [KC 09/10/2006]

Manual Catalogues -

Manual Catalogues - Typewritten handlist entitled 'Hugh Richardson Collection, The British Museum. Photographs taken between 1936-50. Cameras: Zeiss Super Ikonta, Reflex Korelle. 300 colour slides (Dufay colour); copies made Jan. 1995.
[no.] 41. Tendong, at an older age (see 33). One year he was the Yaso. The extremely long earring is for that special occasion. (see 170).' [KC 09/10/2006]

Other Information - Background: Richardson briefly discusses the duties of the Yaso in Ceremonies of the Lhasa Year, 1993, London: Serindia Publications, pp. 31-3. Two officials were appointed with the Mongol title of Yaso for the duration two days on the 22nd and 23rd days of the first Tibetan month for the preparations of the camp at Lubu and the Review at Trapchi. The title Yaso carries with it the responsibilities of commanding the two wings of the ancient militia and leading the military exercises over the two days. "In the morning,dressed in magnificent robes and mounted on ponies caparisoned with gilded trappings and coloured rosettes on their heads, the Yaso ride in procession with a large retinue to the Jokhang ... The Yaso robes are of the most costly brocade embroidered with dragons on the front and back, and so heavy they can stand up by themselves. They weaar large, round,flat hats with a fur brim and red silk crown with a vase-shaped gold and turquoise ornament and a coral button on top. The robe is girded by a wide gold belt and they wear a dagger, an embroidered purse and a silk-covered cup case." (p.31) [KC 21/9/2006]

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