Bell's camp near Lhundrub Dzong

Bell's camp near Lhundrub Dzong

1998.286.107.1 (Glass negative)

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Rabden Lepcha?


Sir Charles Bell

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August 25th or September 5th 1921


Phenpo Valley Region > Lhundrub

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78 x 103

Bell's camp in the fields below Lhundrub Dzong, monastery on ridge above. Bell's tent in the middle. Purbu Orderly standing in front of tent. Union Jack flag in front of tent; clothes laid out to dry on the middle tent

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Negative Quarter Plate

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Donated 1983

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St Antony's College, Oxford

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Lantern Notches on right side


Sir Charles Bell's Mission to Lhasa 1920-21

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Manual Catalogues -

Manual Catalogues - Bell's List of Illustrations entry: "[No. of chapter] XXV. [Subject of Chapter] Travelling [Subject of Illustration] Q96 (a) Our camp in the fields below Lhuntrup Jong on ridge above. My tent is the middle one. [Remarks] L.119."

Other Information - Setting

Other Information - Setting: This photograph was taken on a tour of the country made at the end of August and beginning of September 1921. Bell's diary for 24th August 1921 states: "Kennedy and I with Palhese and Norbhu leave Lhasa for a tour to the northern country visited by no Europeans as far as we know except Hue and Gabet. We have been a long time in Lhasa and it seems to be expected of us to make a short trip to the country round, for several Tibetan officials, and even the D[alai] L[ama] himself, have been recommending to me interesting places for me to visit. I think, if we go away for a little, the T[ibetan] G[overnment] may be able to deal more easily with some of their own affairs, as my presence acts as a restraint on them in various ways. We shall also please them by visiting and making present to several monasteries" [vol. XII, p.29] [MS 9/8/2004]

Other Information - Setting

Other Information - Setting: On 25th August they visited Lhuntrup Dzong. Bell's diary entry for that day: "We go today to Lhuntrup Jong, riding across the broad plain, which is intersected by 8 or 9 branches of the Pembo Chu. The current everywhere is swift for the streams are in full flood, flush with the tops of their banks. Our ponies find difficulty in keeping their footing, but we all get over the streams safely, though sometimes a pony puts its foot in a hole, and sinks deep into the swirling water. The plain itself is in many places a quagmire and our ponies sink in it to their knees. At length, however, we reach firmer ground and travel rapidly to our destination, ambling and cantering. Lhun-trup Jong is 8 miles from Lang-Thang. The Jong, which has been recently rebuilt, rests on a spur, some four hundred feet high. We camp on the plain at its foot at an elevation of 12,000 ft." [Diary vol. XII, pp.33-34] [MS 9/8/2004]

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